Permaculture, Natural Building, Natural Farming is meant as a place to share ideas and techniques for Permaculture, Natural Building, and Natural Farming. Indochina (mainland Southeast Asia) is in crisis, as are many regions in the world. We focus on Indochina since it is where we live and it represents a region with features similar to each other taken as a collection of people and countries (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam).

There is a lot of diversity in this region, much of it under very real and increasing, modern threats to the biosphere and from monocultures. The air, water, and land is increasingly polluted and seeming solutions such as the so-called green revolution is increasingly impoverishing the land and its people. Modern agribusiness, construction, and transportation together create a vicioius cycle which needs to be recognized as unsustainable and unsupportable.

To this end, this project is one of memory and recollection of local traditions which held within them alternative approaches that strengthen the biological and cultural diversity of the region. Part of this retrieval of what is lost is also a reinvention, just as each generation builds on and transforms the wisdom and practices of the previous generation. We are at a place where we need to perform even greater feats of recovery and recollection, and use a variety of methods.

  • We can no longer build as before when the air becomes toxic
  • We can no longer eat as before when the food is contaminated
  • We can no longer drink from the streams (or any water source) when the water is polluted

The industrial solution to these problems is to either ignore them, or offer a solution which itself continues to degrade the environment (plastic drinking water bottles), is expensive (air purifiers), or is simply not true (labelled organic and pesticide-safe foods).